Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm Embarrased

Truly, it has been so long since I've blogged. So much has gone on the last few months. Let's see, seperation, moving to a new town, changing jobs, all in three months, and those are just the big things. But, life goes on and so must I.

Getting DS in new school tomorrow. He is nervous, excited you know. Wow, to be 10 again, and facing a new classroom. Don't think I want to go there.

Knitting has been fun. Halfway through Garter Rib Sweater from Creative Knitting mag. I'm making it for my mom in teal. Looks great with her coloring. A hat for someone else who has a link to this blog and I don't know if they read it so I will keep them anonymous. Its the Fair Isle Hat from Knitting Plain and Simple, my own colors. So far I like it. It's quick and looks good. My Kyrie Shawl is on the back burner while I get some Christmas knitting done. I finished the baby blanket for Amanda. Next on to some gloves for my kids, need to find just the right ones.

Wish me luck with finding a job, and the new town and new life.
See ya,

Saturday, April 12, 2008


I really don't like politics. It's one of those things that, when spoken of, causes blood pressures to rise and friends to split. So normally I wouldn't post on this subject but an article I read today just gave me the need to vent.

Obama thinks we're bitter, and clinging to faith or guns because of that bitterness I'm a nurse; I get paid by the hour and I work hard. So I'm qualified to take exception to his remarks. If some of us are bitter it isn't because we feel ignored, it's because we are lied to time and again. The same lies, just different delivery systems. Politicians are going to jail right and left, for things we know have been going on for a long time. We're not stupid, we just haven't been able to do anything about it. There is no test you can give the Governor, or President, to verify they are a good person. We don't know if a couple years from now they can be corrupted. Now once again the newest round of candidates are claiming to be our deliverance. Can we trust them? Can we believe them? Do we even want to try, again? Our vote is a leap of faith.

There are many cultures and religions here in the US. We each believe in our own way. That is as it should be. I believe in my God without question. My faith has been tested, sometimes harshly, but I still believe. That will not change. It will not waiver because I know God thinks only of my and my family's well-being. God gives me free will, so I am responsible for my choices. I can only ask for guidance and take his path, hopefully choosing the correct way to stay on his path. I say all of this because I am so offended by Obama's comment that people cling to religion out of bitterness. What was he thinking? When I came into my faith I was not bitter. I do not remain faithful out of bitterness. There is no bitterness in a love for your God.

Recent comments by Obama's former mentor and pastor demonstrated anger and bitterness. My question is, does Obama in his true heart, subscribe to these same beliefs? Not the heart he shows the voters, the true one, the one only he knows. That worries me. Anger, bitterness, hatred, are words to be alligned with anti-religion. I want a president that believes in a God who teaches love, acceptance. Okay, I'll step down off the box.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Goals for February and March

Since we're almost halfway into February I decided to make my goals include March. Maybe if I post my goals on here I'll work harder on them. I've come to the conclusion that I'm just a slow knitter. Maybe since I was self-taught my technique is slow. Anyway, I've got to work faster if I want to finish and start new things. I mean, there's so many patterns to be done!!

1. Finish baby blanket for my friend Amanda. Almost half done now.
2. Finish Retro Socks. Only half of 1st sock done.
3. Seam my hug sweater together so I can wear it!!
4. Buy yarn and knit At The Lake Sweater for my mom.
5. Cast on Kiri shawl with malabrigo.
6. Find a suitable hat pattern for my brother.
7. Shop and buy for the Crochetaholic swap. This should be first actually, the deadline is the end of the month.

Okay, I'm stopping now. That's enough to work on for the moment. Maybe I should go knit now. Any ideas on knitting faster are appreciated!!

Cheryl Renee

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Crochetaholic Swap Wish List

Are you a knitter or crocheter?
I knit and I love it. I know how to crochet, it would probably be easier on my shoulders.

I love to make.....
Cables are my new thing, they're really fun. Hats and bags.

I really want to make......
an Aran sweater, a pretty shawl.

My favorite yarns are.....
Anything natural, soft no acrylics. I love alpaca or mohair or just plain wool! I like cotton if it has some synthetic mixed in.

My wish pattern is......
a pretty aran, or Cottage Creations sweater. OR the Thinking of You scarf from
Fiber Trends. Its lace I think and so pretty.

My favorite hooks or needles are.....
Bamboo for most things, Addi Turbos sometimes.

I really wish I had.....
enough money to fuel my fiber habit!! :>) Some blue malabrigo yarn, yummy colors, or Patons
Soy Wool Stripes.

My favorite colors are...
Blue, yellow, reds (deep reds, not orangy reds) purple, teal, all colors?

My hobbies...
Knitting, quilting, gardening, I love my flowers, and reading.

My kitchen theme and colors..
Blue walls, white floor and counters. No theme really.

My bathroom theme and colors...
Roses, white, soft greens.

My dislikes....
Orange! Acrylic or eyelash yarn, ugh. Woodsy scents give me a headache.

My crafts..see hobbies.

what I like....
Animals, soft yarns, knitting patterns and books, shopping of course, movies.

My allergies... outdoor allergies, very heavy woody perfumes.

My favorite cat CoCo, the puppy I'm looking for.

My favorite scents...Gardenia from Pur Desire, Vanilla, coconut. floral or citrus.

My favorite novels or magazines...Country Living, anything by Nora Roberts.

Other stuff about me...I'm a Surgical RN and love my job. I have five children, 2 still at home.
Recently seperated. I can't wait to shop for my partner!!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Coming Soon......

This is a quick post because there's so much going on now but I had to say this much. I am so happy to announce that very soon, maybe one month, my new web store will be up and running. I have been working on this for quite a while and can't believe it's this close! The picture you see is one of the products we will carry. Of course we'll also have yarn, needles, patterns, essentials as well as hand-dyed fibers of many kinds. I'll also be taking orders for custom dying of fiber.

I can't wait!!


Merino Spinning Fiber