Sunday, April 16, 2006

Better Week

This week has been better. Partly because I actually went to the beach for a whole 24 hours!! WhooHoo!! It was nice, a little too windy but warm and nice and beachy. I hadn't been in probably 3 years. Went to Atlantic beach on the North Carolina coast. It's really a nice place to go with a family. I did have to come back and work the next day but now I'm off for four more days.

I have hardly done any knitting. I've been working on the front of my sweater for a whole week and I've still got a couple days more to finish. I haven't even started anything new and I finished my mother's shawl two weeks ago. It is definitely time to go shopping. I saw a scarf pattern using Moonlight Mohair and Trellis together. I am not big on scarves but it was georgous. Might be something to try. I need some new needles too. More circs and a couple of cable holders. I would like to try learning cables.

I went to a new group meeting for spinners and knitters. It was so interesting. I have never tried spinning but I think I would like to. I especially think I would like to try dyeing. I love color, not color that is gaudy, but fresh and springlike is great. I also like jeweltones a lot.
Well, I've bored you enough. More tomorrow, pictures too!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


So I guess this is where I tell you about me and the kids and the husband and the cat and the fish/snails. Oh, and the mom, my mom. I am an RN on a med/surg floor. Graduated from nursing school last year. I like the job although it can be incredibly stressful, hence the knitting therapy. My goal though is to get to Labor and Delivery, that calls to me. It should since I have five children of my own. In order by age, (that's how I remember their names) Adam 24, Alex 18, Jessica 16, Michael 11, Jacob 8. And that is and forever will be the end of that list. I love them dearly, they are my heart.

I am married to the most wonderful man in the world. He tries very hard to make me happy. He always puts me first, which spoils me terribly but who am I to protest? Especially since he is not complaining about my mom staying with us for a while. She is looking for a house which is not a short thing, and could be a very long thing, but we'll get there.

The cat is a rescue from the pound, a great big orange tabby that weighs in at 20 lbs. Her name is Miss Kitty. I know that is sooo original but she is older and I had no idea what her name used to be. The fish is just Fish who lives with two snails, who are just The Snails. I mean we didn't name the snails. Of course Fish won't be Fish long if Miss Kitty has her way. Enough for now, I'm sure the knit pictures will be up soon.


Hi again!
So, this morning has been frustrating. One daughter home sick with something, I know I'm a nurse, but she hasn't resurfaced yet so we'll wait and see. Got to get some pictures on here but I'm ashamed to say my daughter will have to show me how. (No, I do NOT feel old.)

Knitting Front:
I'm working on a sweater, my first one. I have to say it's going pretty well. Finished the back and started the front. No problems yet. Fingers crossed. I'm using TLC cotton/acrylic. Inexpensive yes, which is good for a first attempt, and it feels great. I want it to be a good weight to wear on cool summer nights or fall. The swatch came out great.

I found a terrific book for new knitters, of which I am one. It's called The Learn to Knit a Sweater Book, by Jean Leinhauser. The instructions are so clear you can follow them without rewriting or reading 50 times. Several different styles are included so I should get plenty of practice.

I'm dying to try those felted clogs I've seen on one of the websites. They are so neat looking. Anyway I've finished one scarf out of the eyelash yarn, kind of frustrating to work with. I mean you can't see the stitches. And I just finished a shawl for my mom. I did that out of Patons Bohemian in wine. It worked up really pretty and is wonderfully soft and warm. She was pleased with it so that's what counts.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Just Getting Started

I am, as it says, just getting started here but I promise I will work to get this thing up and running quickly. I need the therapy!! I'll be telling you a little about myself and the things that cause me to tick, especially knitting, and I hope to meet lots of new friends.


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