Sunday, October 07, 2007

Weekend and Baby

Oh, it's Saturday and there's only one more day to the weekend. Don't you hate that? Wouldn't it be great if every day could be Saturday? Then we'd have all the time we needed to knit, quilt, knit, quilt, shop for yarn or fabric, knit more.

My friend Amanda is pregnant and I'm so excited for her. I've had all my babies but I remember how it feels the first time. Since it will probably be born in May, whatever I knit should be lighter weight. So today I bought enough Santana, 55% cotton, 45% acrylic (I know, I don't use acrylic either but this was so pretty and so soft it was perfect.) to make a blanket. A blanket will be useable a good while yes? Anyway it is a soft pastel varigated with coral pink, yellow, green and lilac. I'm going to cast on thirty stitches with each of 5 balls and work upwards with all 5 at a time. This way it won't stripe, but simply color change softly across the whole blanket. A good winter project.

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Knittymama said...

Sounds like a lovely blanket!!


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